Production Team

We're looking for people who have a heart to lead people into the presence of God with technology! So much work goes into producing a worship experience that is authentic and God-honoring. We'd love to have you on the team! Fill out the application below to get started.

Our heart for worship.

We believe there is power in worship when we shift our focus from us to God, by singing songs of praise and declaring God's word over our lives.

Our goal in every worship service is to see people come into a life changing, spirit empowered relationship with Jesus. As a team, the way we can be a part of this is by taking a person from passivity into participation in worship. As it says in Psalms, "worship opens the door to all of God's goodness"...and we believe that can be life-changing..

The Audition Process

1. Record a short video of yourself performing one of the audition songs we’ve listed below. (The video can be recorded with a laptop computer or smartphone)

2. Upload your video to YouTube. Under privacy settings, select Unlisted and title your video “yourname-New Beginnings Worship Audition.”

3. Fill out our short application and copy and paste your Video Audition URL into the application where prompted.
After reviewing your video we will let you know if you have the foundational skills to move forward in the audition process.

*If you play more than one instrument and want to audition with them all, we ask that you submit a video for each one. (Including vocalists who also play instruments)

*Those who move forward in the audition process will be invited to do an audition in person at a weekend rehearsal.

About the team.


We believe that character and craft are equally valuable in the life of a team member. Who you are is just as impacting to team dynamic and health as your talent. We believe that worship is an expression of the heart and comes from a place of overflow of your relationship with Jesus Christ. We will always value you before what you can do.


Rehearsals are so much smoother when everyone has listened to, practiced, and memorized the scheduled music. Unless otherwise explained, you are expected to learn your parts exactly like the Multitracks, giving special attention to the tonal qualities of each instrument.


The worship leaders and music director always try to give adequate notice of the schedule and any setlist changes. While it is not uncommon for these changes to take place in a large organization, it is only done when necessary. When serving on the worship team, we always aim to keep attitudes positive and morale high, even when last minute changes do occur.


Everyone’s time is valuable. It’s important that everyone be punctual for rehearsals so that we can use our limited time as efficiently as possible. Arriving early is always a great idea. We are very serious about punctuality. Being on time is a respect issue.


The worship team at New Beginnings is a fun, challenging, and rewarding ministry. If God has gifted you with musical talent, we want you to be able to use it for His glory! This is a somewhat complex ministry with many moving parts. So for your benefit and ours, there is a short process to becoming a regularly scheduled member of the worship team.

Audition Songs