New Kids Adventure Camp

August 6 - 8

August 6th, 7th & 8th

Kids can register for a 3-day on and off-site Adventure Camp experience. Camp is all about kids understanding their place in God’s plan through the theme of Gaming. They will gain skills to help take down a boss, build a better world, and even rescue others.

· Day 1 is packed full of indoor challenges! Campers will complete a series of group quests, then break into small groups and figure out how to save the world. We will finish off with an epic bubble ball team battle!

· Day 2 has campers offsite at Chuck E. Cheese where food and “unlimited gaming” can only be made complete with prizes and a team gaming dance off.

· Day 3 all campers will meet at the Marquee Cinema to conclude their adventure camp experience with a lego film about family, forgiveness, and ninjas.

The goal of adventure camp is to offer a fun offsite/onsite kid experience where kids can connect with God and each other.

Registration for Adventure Camp is $25 and is for ages 4-12.
Register the next time you are in church!