The why behind our Co-Op & Learning Center!

Your kids are the next generation of leaders, teachers, parents, innovators, adventurers, entrepreneurs, and so much more! At New Beginnings, we believe it's every generation's responsibility to truly love and invest in the next generation.

We created the NBC Co-Op & Learning Center to partner with you, parents, to fulfill that responsibility in our church and community. We're excited to come alongside you and provide a safe, Biblical, and fun education option for you and your family!

Grades K-8th
Thursdays 8:30am-3pm

Here's what a day in our Co-Op looks like for your family!

~ Parents are required to attend and stay with their children.
~ Parents and children are involved in all Co-Op activities!
~ We start our day with assembly, then split into Co-Op activities.
~ Our Co-Op activities support your child's need for community. These are social activities that help kids engage with their peers, and express themselves hands-on. (Think arts and crafts, home ec., theater, etc...)

We hope you consider applying to our Co-Op! The parents and kids that attend now would love to meet you and help make you and your children feel at home.


Grades K-6th

We're hoping to start our Learning Center program soon! Stay tuned for more info.

Here's what our Learning Center would look like for your child!

~ Our Learning Center would be open Monday through Thursday from 8am to 4pm.
~ Our Learning Center classes will be educator-led, subject-focused, and in an interactive format. This is all to promote information retention, problem-solving and critical thinking. (Think open discussion and small groups.)
~ Foundational subjects will be covered daily: Math, Language Arts, Science, History, Bible, & Physical Education.

Watch this short promo video for our Co-Op & Learning Center!

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We're happy to answer any questions you have about our Co-Op & Learning Center.

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Email our Co-Op and Learning Center Directors!

Pastor Gerry Ball [email protected]
Martin Fernandez [email protected]

Gerry Ball

Care Pastor | Dean & Director of NBBS

Martin Fernandez

Kids Ministry Director | Co-Op Director